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Designer & Manufacturer of Lighting Solutions in South Africa

Ashur's years of experience enable us to to provide lighting solutions for designers and consultants requiring high quality locally manufactured lighting fixtures.

We design & manufacture bespoke lighting fixtures for construction projects, new infrastructure development & housing, residential, industrial and commercial applications. We  specializes in decorative indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures which are entirely manufactured in-house.

Our manufacturing plant is based in Johannesburg and facilitates short and expedient manufacturing cycles. We take great pride in being able to accommodate custom tailored lighting solutions for our customers' special  architectural requests

All steel part components of our lighting products are hot dipped galvanised or electroplated and then powder coated in a variety of colours upon request. All aluminium components are either extruded or die cast aluminium from LM6 materials. Powder coating is also processed in-house complying with a top quality controlled process.

Ashur is privately owned and since our inception in 1993, our customer base has grown rapidly on an annual basis. We have been manufacturing and designing thousands of light fittings and luminaries over the past couple of decades and hold a reputation in the industry of being  innovative and  reliable.

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Specification• Spun Aluminium Body & Shade• Option of Glass Bowl or Polycarbonate Lens• Fitting ..

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Basket Sphere on Wall Bracket

Basket Sphere on Wall Bracket

Specification• Galvanised Steel Body & Base Plate• Opal Polyethylene lens• ABS Gallery for ø60mm..

R721.05 Excl. VAT: R627.00